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Top Binary Options News – Thursday again is a day for the record books but with each day adding an entry, it’s starting to get a little dull.  Now with a nine-day winning streak that hasn’t been seen since November of 1996, the DOW has pushed even higher and put in a new record close.  After an early morning surge that managed to hold throughout the day, the DOW picked up 83 points to close up at 14,539.  The Nasdaq took in 14 points to settle at 3,258 with the S&P pulling in 9 points to finish out the session up at 1,563.  An interesting part and an incredible lesson in the making with this recent rally into the record books, analysts are pointing out that there isn’t much volume.  Volume is a crucial component of any technical analysis.  Something can rise or fall very quickly but without some power and volume behind it, that movement can pull back and in a hurry.  The difference between the rally from 16 years ago was there was an increasing volume level with the rising prices.  In this case, volume has decreased and the higher she goes, the less wind in the sails so to speak.

Let’s take a quick look at the commodities markets.  Gold futures again didn’t do a whole lot during the session.  A minor chop back and forth with gold futures currently down a dollar to $1,587.  Generally, as the indices gain, you will see gold prices fall but this hasn’t been the case as of late as many investors are either still holding onto their gold in fears of a major reversal in the markets or are too busy watching from the sidelines.  Oil futures on the other hand are up 52 cents per barrel putting the price back in the $93 range.

In other news, today’s close on the S&P brought the index to within just 2 points of its all time record.  Will it dive into the end-zone or get tackled just before the line.  We shall soon see.  The top binary options today are currency pairs and the DOW indices.  We saw a lot of volume as we checked out the broker sites. Another one of the top binary options being traded today was Google as many investors appear to think it may be on the verge of a pull back. We’ll be monitoring that if it ends up rolling over and heading into the red.

That does it here for the day.  Hang in there, the weekend is fast approaching.  We have a couple new reviews up.  Be sure to take a look and see which broker are worth reading about and which should be avoided.