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Some weekend research here at Top Binary Options Broker had us investigating some of the top markets in the world currently for binary options trading.  As we have discussed in previous articles, the binary options boom is in full swing and while we are on the hunt for the top binary options broker, we also thought we would devote some time to researching which countries make up the top binary options markets.  Our research led us to the following list based on numerous factors including advertising strength on Google, binary options keyword counts and the overall sentiment and hype there appears to be based on binary options and a specified country.

At the top of the list is the United States.  Binary Options really began to take off about four years ago and all the brokers in the game went on an early push towards the U.S. and its population.  Google searches largely rank sites and articles the highest that have an obvious focal point on the binary options industry and the United States.  Whether the articles focus on individual brokers, scams, deposit methods, methodology and countless other queries, the United States is the top binary options market currently.

Second on the list is the United Kingdom.  UK binary options traders have quickly flourished and their numbers continue to rise.  Most brokers offer specialized incentive plans for traders who register out of Europe and based on all of the advertising we see online, in addition to the fact that many brokers list a UK address as their main satellite office and the majority of them have their support centers based there, the UK for binary options is a bustling market with no signs of a slow down.  For those reasons, UK binary options take the second place on our Top Binary Options Market list.

Third on the list focuses on Brazil.  Brazil came out of nowhere and we were just as shocked to see the advertising dollars being pushed towards Brazilian traffic.  Brokers are now quickly starting to offer their platforms in Portuguese and many are already staffing Portuguese and Brazilian customer support teams.  Some brokers even focus solely on Brazilian traffic.  uBinary comes to mind and a quick look at their site and speaking with their support team confirms that they focus mainly on Latin American binary options traders.  Those reasons and the fact that many brokers have added Portuguese to their language menu suggests there is a boom coming for Brazil.  That puts them in the top three on the Top Binary Options Market list.

To keep this somewhat brief, the remainder of the list is broken down as follows:

  • In the fourth position on the top binary options market list is France.  Again, France sort of came out of nowhere but we are getting the feeling due to the large number of brokers quickly getting their platforms translated, that French traders are sought after and marketing campaigns are gearing up for a hard push.  For a broker who focuses primarily on French binary options traders, take a look at uBinary.
  • In the fifth position is Germany.  Again, similar to France, many brokers are starting to incorporate German into their sites and staff.  On the list they go.
  • In the sixth position, is Canada.  Canada has been a relatively slow market to catch on but there are a lot of potential traders there and the binary brokers have started to notice.  Canadian specific landing pages are now quite common as are special deals for Canadian traders.  They make it to the top binary options market list as well.
  • In seventh place comes Mexico.  Again, large population of which many are interested in dabbling with the markets.  Most brokers initially seemed to offer a Spanish trading platform as well as Spanish support but it never appeared to place very high on the marketing agenda.  Now with brokers like TradeRush pushing hard at Latin America and Mexico, other brokers are quickly jumping in to what could be the next top binary options market.
  • Eighth place goes to Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.  Again, one broker started to push and translate their platform and hire an Arabic support team and the others are quickly following suit.  Arabic countries certainly have the potential to take the top position on the top binary options market list but this seems to be a few years out as the brokers catch up with one another in terms of marketing and translating their platforms.
  • The ninth position goes to Australia.  Australia binary options trading started out slow but has recently shown signs of a healthy and powerful resurgence.  Many brokers now focus on Australia and appear to have dedicated portions of their marketing campaigns aimed at the Australian binary options market.  Many are even now accepting the Australian dollar as a deposit method.  This puts them on our top binary options market list.
  • Finally, taking the last spot is Chile.  Seemingly a strange name on the list, Chile is actually the second most sought after market in South America just behind Brazil.  With a very modern society that wants to connect with the financial world, brokers who offer Spanish support and a Spanish trading platform will likely do well in this region.

That sums up our list.  We will monitor the markets and see which countries show the possibility of moving around on the top binary options market list but for the moment, this seems to be a great start.  Check back periodically to see what changes may have arisen.