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Monday morning brought an interesting decline across the U.S. market as all of the major indices opened in positive territory only to fall below settlement and spend the rest of the day pushing towards the lows.  The top binary options being traded today also happened to be the indices with binaries being traded heavily on the DOW and S&P.  As for the session itself, the DOW gave up 64 points to close down at 14,448 after an early morning decline that managed to hold steady throughout the session.  The Nasdaq shares a similar story with an early morning open in higher territory but a slow slide into the red as the day went on.  The Nasdaq lost 10 points to close down at 3,235.  The S&P managed to touch it’s all time record but quickly pull back and head into the red, closing down 5 points to 1,552.

Top Binary Options – Commodities

Let’s take a quick look at the commodities and the top binary options within this sector.  Gold futures has a slow session as well, closing down just $2 an ounce to $1,606 on the COMEX.  Oil futures on the other hand had an interesting day.  A slow start led to a massive spike in the price just before 11am Eastern time.  This quickly became the one of the top binary options being traded for the day as traders tried to get ahead of the movement to turn out some profit.  Oil managed to close out the day at its highest level in over a month, currently up $0.88 to $94.60 per barrel.  It might be time to go and fill up the old gas tank as today’s push into a month high was on strong volume.

Top Binary Options – Currencies

The top binary options currencies today were the EUR/USD based on the continued news out of Cyprus and the impending fiscal emergency that may have been solved on the most recent bailout plans.  We think that sounds a little too optimistic this early in the game but that’s exactly what the financial system is, a game.  Looking at the five day chart on the EUR/USD, we’re seeing a test of pretty strong support.  This could make for an interesting week ahead as we may get a look at a more decisive change in the trend.  That reason alone will likely keep this currency pair as on of the top binary options being traded this week as news out of Cyprus and the Euro-zone continues to make its way to the market.

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