TradeRush is another big name in binary options.  We find that it’s one of the most advertised online currently and you would be hard-pressed to browse more than ten pages online without seeing one of their banner ads pop up on your screen.  They offer all five of the trading platforms including the Open Platform and 60 Seconds Options trading on a well functioning and nicely laid out site.  Traderush also offers over 140 tradeable assets to choose from, offer 24/7 support and have personal brokers depending on the size of your deposit.

On the initial contact with the support staff via Live Chat, we found them to be very polite but also some of the most pushy in terms of getting you signed up and depositing to “really take advantage of what they have to offer”.  The Traderush agent was knowledgeable and helpful with the questions I had but when we asked about bonuses we were told that we needed to sign up to get that information from an account manager.  Given that most people who shop around appreciate a quick and honest response, we find it a little detrimental to keep important information like that locked away until you sign up and wait to be contacted by an account manager or salesman.

As for the Traderush site itself, it is very well laid out and easy to navigate.  The charting features function well, the color scheme is appealing and all the tools and functions you would need are easy to access and well placed throughout the site.  They offer a free downloadable guide to binary options that would be useful for newer traders.  Looking further across the site, we noticed a tab at the bottom listed as TradeRush Demo.  Thinking it would lead to a demo account, we clicked it only to find ourselves watching the generic SpotOption video that is branded for each White Label Partner.

Overall, the site is a good choice for new and advanced traders.  The high number of assets available makes diversifying and learning the ropes easy for new traders while the Open Platform offers the advanced charting for traders with a little more experience.  The only negative attribute in our opinion is the pushy nature of the support staff.  If you give a phone number, be prepared to take a few calls a week and pushed into depositing.  We understand the need to get people in the door but it also turns off potential customers who are simply trying to gather information before making a choice.  On the other hand though, despite being pushy, the customer representatives are very informative and able to get you the answers you need.

TradeRush Review Findings:

Minimum needed to open an account – $200

Withdrawal Fees – All profits are wired.  First wire transfer is free and additional transfers are $30.  Any other withdrawal type is free.

Minimum/Maximum trade amount – $5/$5000

Customer Service – 24 hours via Live Chat, Call, Email

Current Incentives – Will match your deposit up to 100% depending on the size of your investment.  Custom tailored per client.