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Low Deposit Binary Broker

Wall Street and the financial markets can be intimidating.  You’ve heard stories, seen the news and lived through the economic collapse of 2008 so it’s understandable as to why you have your hesitations when it comes to investing or trading.  The stock markets used to be a vast and complex arena where an economics degree and advanced mathematical skills were seen as a way to get your foot in the door. However, as more and more people sought to get involved and start trading on their own, things changed and changed rapidly.  Open trading pits where thousands of middle-aged white men came together and spent their days simply yelling at each other as it would appear to anyone outside of the industry, gave way to internet trading and ultimately, to the point now where literally anyone can trade a stock, option or commodity within just a few minutes.  Simple right?  Well take that one step further and you have Binary Options.  Read on to learn about which low deposit binary broker offers the cheapest way to get started with binary options trading.

Binary Options allows you to trade based on the underlying price of the asset you choose.  So if you want to trade Google or Microsoft, you are simply trading based on their price fluctuations.  Binary Options let you invest in an overly simplified “up” or “down” manner to which, you are literally choosing a stock, choosing up or down and waiting anywhere from a minute to a week to see if you’re right.  If you were, you just earned a pre-defined profit.  If you were wrong, you simply lose the amount of that trade.

As the industry expands further, more people are wanting to get in on the action. However, many don’t like the idea of depositing $500 or $250 into a trading account when they have literally never placed a trade before.  That’s where the low deposit binary broker comes in and let us just say,this is rare.  OptionTime was a recent addition to our site and they managed to catch our eye with their unprecedented $100 minimum binary deposit needed to open an account. Finally, people can get a feel for the markets and get involved for just $100.  People who spend their time betting on Sports teams or playing Roulette have also jumped on the bandwagon, replacing their two sports teams for either UP or DOWN or the colors at the Roulette table from black and red to UP or DOWN. Whatever your reason, the fact that you can now get a feel for the financial markets and for only $100 has gotten a lot of attention not only in the industry but in the gaming world as well.

If you’ve always wanted to get a feel for the markets and always thought you have the potential to be a great stock trader, you can now step through that door and get started with a ridiculously low amount.  Real Equities accounts usually start at a $2500 minimum.  Binary brokers are around $300 on average.  OptionTime will put you in the driver seat and get you started for $100.  Click the banner above and you’ll be trading in literally less than 5 minutes!

They are our favorite low deposit binary broker at the moment.  They have an amazing trading platform that is easy to use, easy to navigate and the best part is that they also allow $100 deposits to get started.  For an additional exclusive bonus, check them out their review page by following the link below or start trading today by clicking their banner above.