Binary Options Courses

With Binary Options rapidly going mainstream and taking in tens of thousands of customers per day across the world, more people are starting to realize the importance of the actual trading process.  Sure, many advertisements promise quick returns and a flashy lifestyle but the vast majority of people out there are NOT signing up for trading accounts because of these marketing techniques.  No, people are turning to binary options trading because it affords them a much simpler way to trade and connect with the global financial system and markets in a way that once seemed far too complex to most people.  Ten years ago, many had no clue they could access the markets on their own with just an internet connection.  Stock Brokers were the middle man and business was booming.  As technology did what technology does, the continuous expansion of the internet and related technology can literally put Wall Street onto a mobile phone anywhere in the world.  With all of this, the topic quickly turns to education.

Binary Options Courses – The Timeline

Binary Options courses have begun to spring up all over the internet.  Many brokers are now offering educational resources, tutorials, videos and webinars in an attempt to offer their clients exactly what they want.  Not just the trading platform but the information needed to profit with it.  In the early days of binary options trading, there were very few dedicated resources to binary options.  If you wanted to know about trading, you had to look at the entire financial system as a whole to understand micro and macro economics, technical analysis, fundamental analysis and so on.  Binary Options came roaring out of the gates proposing an easier way to cut through all of the noise and put you in the driver seat to the point of only having to choose UP or DOWN.  But we know it’s really not that simple.  There is clearly a ton of information that is used and processed to make that simple UP and DOWN decision.  Binary Options courses have begun to touch on this need and fill the void in an industry that is quickly taking off but with educational and informational resources still lagging.

Binary Options Courses – The Brokers

With hundreds of brokers in operation, the binary options courses available to your range from the most basic attempts at scratching the surface to others who have clearly put an incredible amount of time into preparing a vast and fully stocked educational section.  Right off the bat, when it comes to binary options courses and training, there are two brokers that we’ve reviewed that stand above all others.

The first is 24Option.  This broker has hundreds of videos and tutorials all categorized in their binary options courses section on their site.  They also offer daily webinars that go over in great detail, all of the aspects of the binary options trading process.  There are educational articles, PDF’s that can be downloaded, interactive charts and literally hundreds of other resources.  As former traders, we appreciate the efforts by 24Option and the difference between a broker like this and one who has put zero effort into the educational aspect is one of the most important factors to us in determining which broker to go with.  Click on the image below to take a look at 24Option’s Binary Options courses.

Binary Options Courses

The second broker we found to offer a great educational resource section is StockPair.  The Binary Options courses offered by StockPair are suitable for all levels of traders with an in depth focus on the actual trading process.  They have a great video section as well as a trading simulator that shows you in detail exactly how trades are placed and how the order execution process works.  They also offer one-on-one account managers to assist new traders as they get set up and ready to trade.

Binary Options Courses

Remember, binary options courses are there to help you as you get started trading.  There are hundreds of brokers out there but very few who offer an extensive educational section like the two brokers above.  When it comes down to it, why deposit with a broker when that same deposit at a broker like these two will grant you access to countless free resources?  When it comes to binary options courses, the decision is yours.  There are many brokers out there who want to help you become a great trader, the hard part is just determining which brokers these are.